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Looking to buy Xanax bars overnight? Check out BLUE Xanax Store for your needs!

Surprising facts and stats about Xanax

Xanax bars are the most popular treatment choice for anxiety symptoms and its related disorders such as panic attacks. However, how many of you know its history, facts, stats, and abuse rate? Do you even know, Xanax was the 21st most directed medication in the USA in 2017, with more than 25 million prescriptions? The survey’s results prove that the consumption of anti-anxiety medication is being increased globally and causing dependency. Let’s dig in with more astonishing facts about Xanax below.

History of Xanax bars

The Upjohn laboratories created it in the late 1960s. Xanax has been serving in the market since 1981 for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders. Additionally, the first benzo was developed by Dr. Leo Sternbach in 1956. Dr. Leo was working to create safe and less addictive tranquilizers than alcohol and barbiturates. The significant properties mentioned by the official authorities about the Xanax pill was; rapid onset of action, shorter half-life, and quicker removal process from the body than other benzos. Doctors prescribe the consumption of Xanax bars for the above-mentioned disorders such as anxiety and panic attacks. The effects will be constant over time, even when you take it for years. However, you should use it for the recommended period. Taking such medication for an extended period can cause Xanax side effects. Notable, Xanax dosage functions by binding the specific receptors in the brain to keep the mindset peaceful. However, it can also produce euphoria effects when one takes a Xanax overdose. Taking an overdose can lead to Xanax withdrawal, such as extreme drowsiness, irregular heartbeat, and lack of consciousness.

Facts about Xanax

It might be shocking, but yes, Xanax bars are the most generally prescribed medication in the USA. Even though there are 44 million prescriptions written each year. And this rate is touching the sky every year. Treating the depression with Xanax dosages is not the right choice. Sometimes doctors may prescribe Xanax to treat depression only when it is mild or moderate. If one is under severe depression so Xanax will not be the right choice for the treatment. Avoid the consumption of other medication and Xanax together as it can lead to severe outcomes and interaction inside the system. In 2011, the administration of substance abuse and mental health reported several cases of misuse of prescription drugs, and 10% of cases were of Xanax misuse. Xanax and alcohol combination can be life-endangering in the person. This combination can cause effects such as unconsciousness, irregular heartbeat, and lack of breathing. Besides, the reason behind Whitney Housten’s death in 2012 was the combination of Xanax and alcohol. Therefore, if you are habitual to any such substance so talk to the doctor. Don’t stop the usage of Xanax bars abruptly as it can lead to cold turkey. Therefore, meet the professionals, and they will monitor your health and reduce the dosage gradually over time. The addiction to Xanax can come out in the form of physical dependency within a short period. Therefore, use the Xanax white bars for the recommended duration. And in case if the doctor finds the necessity to change the duration so he may do so. But never exceed by self-understanding. The creator of Xanax Pfizer adds the warning level with Xanax, i.e., psychological dependence is higher with all benzos if you take it longer than six weeks and daily dosage is greater than 4mg.

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