Rewrite: Celebrate Christmas 2020 Coronavirus Style

style Rewrite: Celebrate Christmas 2023 Coronavirus Style

Celebrate Christmas 2023 with your Family in Covid19

Christmas 2023 is coming along with more big festivals like Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, and New Year Eve. Christmas is a big festival in the USA, and the whole city gets covered by lights and snow-fall. However, this year’s Christmas celebration is going to be different due to Covid 19. Recently, the government of England and the USA have announced some rules to maintain safety while celebrating Christmas. One of the new rules of Christmas 2023 is that only six people are allowed in any party, event, dining, and social gathering. The government is also restricting the nightclub and partying to maintain social distancing. Additionally, there is a restriction in going to the neighborhood for ‘trick-or-treat’. Especially, children are more prone to getting covid19; hence it is the primary responsibility to keep your kid inside the home. Although keeping a child inside the home is not an easy task. Therefore, we have listed a few interesting things that you can do with your children to keep them safe at Christmas 2023.

Decoration Christmas 2023

It is the easiest way to keep your family together this Christmas. You don’t have to do everything this Christmas. Just divide the work or work together. There are so many corners to decorate with lights and stars. Engage your kid to decorate the Christmas tree, balcony, and their room.

Hand made decorating materials Christmas 2023

Yes, this year, avoid buying the decorating materials from shops and online because you and your kid can be creative this year. You have to grab some materials like glitters, paper, cardboard, pencil, colors, and scissor. You can also get the printout and use it. And use the old socks, stalls to decorate your walls and doors. Although, there are so many videos online form where you can grab the idea of DIY decorating stuff.

Online games Christmas 2023

Trust me; this is the best way to enjoy the festival with your family. You can play online games like PUBG or Fortnite and offline games on PS4. If you don’t have any game, then you can buy from the upcoming Amazon Prime Sale. You can purchase any electronic device, equipment, toys, medicines for more than half of the original price. Playing a game with a family member is the most exciting and memorable thing to do this Christmas.

Baking and Making Christmas 2023

Well, if your children are not interested in games, then there are many other things to do, such as baking cake and making cookies. Yes, it brings the whole family together, and a kitchen is a lovely place for everyone. So, you and your child can make favorite dishes, foods, snacks like pizza and burgers. Trust me; your children will going to love that activity.

Roleplay Christmas 2023

Roleplay is the common practice of the Christmas festival. Either you are in school, society, or college, there will always be a role-play of showing the story behind the Christmas celebration. So, you and your family can do that; all you need to have a background and costume is make it on your own or rent it from the nearest store. And you can record the play on your phone to share with your friends on social media. It will be a unique thing to do in Christmas 2023. Additionally, apart from fun, roleplay can help your child to understand the purpose of Christmas.

These are the best things to do in christmas2023 while following all the rules of covid19. Also, if you are a newly-wed couple who are confused to celebrate Christmas this year, then click here.

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