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Percocet Abuse and Addiction

The use of Percocet, an opioid medicine, is beneficial for individuals experiencing mild to severe pain. It is the second most popular pain management drug in the United States, after Tramadol, and is classified as a prescription drug and controlled substance by the FDA. Therefore, it is essential to consult with a licensed doctor before using this medicine. Percocet does not treat or heal pain; instead, it numbs the sensation of pain that a person is feeling. It affects a few natural chemicals inside the brain and Central Nervous System (CNS).

Percocet for Pain

Pain is a common feeling in our lives, and it can be due to an injury or physical problem. In such cases, a doctor may prescribe Percocet or other drugs for treatment. However, some people experience frequent pain in their daily life. Percocet is a potent pain reliever that is helpful for the treatment of moderate to severe pain.

Safe Usage of Percocet

Percocet is a combination of Acetaminophen and Oxycodone. Acetaminophen helps in treating fever, whereas Oxycodone helps in the treatment of severe ongoing pain. It is essential to take the doses of Percocet as prescribed by the doctor and avoid making changes in it. Additionally, it is not safe to consume alcohol with this medicine as it can increase the impacts of this drug. A patient may experience sedation, extreme dizziness, or hallucination if they consume alcohol with Percocet.

Doses Variations of Percocet

Percocet is available in both generic and brand name versions, and the brand version of this drug is available in tablet form. The various strengths of Percocet are: 325 mg of Acetaminophen and 7.5 mg Oxycodone; 325 mg of Acetaminophen and 10 mg Oxycodone; 325 mg of Acetaminophen and 2.5 mg Oxycodone; and 325 mg of Acetaminophen and 5 mg Oxycodone. The doses of Percocet are different for every individual, and a typical dose is taken every four to six hours a day. It is essential to consult with a doctor for dosage instructions and carefully follow these instructions to ensure a healthy treatment.

Positive Effects of Percocet

Percocet produces positive effects within thirty minutes of consumption, as it works inside the brain and CNS by altering a few natural chemicals responsible for delivering pain signals to the mind. The drug does not treat pain but numbs the feeling of pain.

How Does Percocet Work for Severe Pain?

Percocet is the most effective medicine for the management of severe pain. It works by changing how the mind responds to the pain signals. When a person takes a dose of Percocet, it alters a few chemicals inside the brain similar to brain chemicals known as endorphins, which are responsible for receiving pain signals from the body. Frequent consumption of this medicine may cause dizziness or sedation, and it is capable of making a person high. A person might be prone to addiction if they are experiencing sedation.

Adverse Effects of Percocet

Just like other opioid medicines, Percocet may also cause side effects when not used as prescribed. Common side effects of Percocet include headache, dizziness, irritability, impaired vision, constipation, fatigue, fever, muscle spasm, upset stomach, nausea, shaking of hands, loss of appetite, weight loss, and redness of eye. These side effects should not last more than two weeks; however, it is advised to notify the doctor right away if any of these symptoms occur.

Overdose and Abuse of Percocet

Frequent or extended overdoses of Percocet can build drug addiction, and a person will need a higher dose to feel the same effects. Thus, it is essential to consult with a doctor instead of increasing doses on one’s own. Overdoses may also develop side effects that might become severe or mild over time depending on the strength of treatment and the medical condition of the patient.

Abuse, Dependence, and Rehab

Non-prescribed or overdoses may develop

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