Looking to Buy Yellow Xanax? Check Out BLUE Xanax Store for the Best Prices!

Looking to Buy Yellow Xanax? Check Out BLUE Xanax Store for the Best Prices!

I tried Fake Yellow Xanax Bar, and this happened

Having read the title, one may be curious to know my experience with Xannie/Yellow School Bus/etc. It is important to note that I am not addicted to it. I accidentally obtained the medicine instead of my original yellow Xanax.

About Yellow Xanax

Yellow Xanax is a pharmaceutical treatment of mental disorders such as anxiety, panic disorder, and seizures. It belongs to the drug class of benzodiazepine, which is comparatively potent and addictive. Therefore, doctors recommend a limited dosage of Xanax medicine according to a person’s age, sex, and medical history. Xanax works in the brain’s central nervous system, and this is how a person gets relaxation and calmness very quickly. Many people take Xanax to treat insomnia and get proper sleep.

My experience with fake yellow Xanax

I was using yellow Xanax for a duplicate form of r039. Surprisingly, it was not bad, and I was able to control my mental illness. Initially, it did not show any result, but I got good outcomes with a regular intake. After every intake, I felt dizziness and hallucination. To prevent any disturbance in my work, I made sure to take medication at night or in the evening. Additionally, I took a good diet along with medicine intake, as one’s diet plays a significant role in the treatment of anxiety or any mental disorder. However, I sometimes felt nausea and vomiting which might have been due to indigestion of meals.

How to Identify the fake Xanax

Unfortunately, there is no clue to identify the exact product as it is commonly available in the market and looks precisely similar to the original tablet. Like original Xanax, it is available in blue xanax, yellow, pink, white, purple, and green colors in different sizes and forms. However, fake Xanax has street names like xannie, yellow bus, football, bar, etc. Hence, it is difficult to identify the difference. Therefore, it is essential to buy Xanax from one’s doctor or a reliable store.


The market is filled with fake Xanax, so one must be aware of all the specifications and make sure to read the label properly. There are various forms and dosages of Xanax; therefore; it is mandatory to ask one’s doctor which one is suitable for their health. Also, Xanax is primarily used to treat mental illness like anxiety and panic disorder. Therefore, it is advisable not to overuse or misuse its dosage as it can lead to several side-effects, which can be ultimately dangerous.

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