How to check your oxygen level during Covid 19?

How to check your oxygen level during Covid 19?

Importance of oxygen and pulse rate

As we know, coronavirus is resulting in low oxygen levels in many patients during these days. Calculating regular pulse rate and oxygen level is a must for that reason. So, it is important to understand the importance of oxygen and pulse rate in order to maintain one’s health properly. Oxygen is essential for our breathing system to work accurately, and the pulse rate, also known as heart rate, is the number of times our heartbeats in a minute. Knowing one’s usual pulse rate can help identify if it has decreased and take the necessary measures.

Normal oxygen and pulse rate of a body

The standard oxygen level in healthy humans should be at least 95% or more. However, in people with chronic lung diseases, it can be normal at 90%. A usual resting heart rate should be between 60-100 beats per minute, although it can differ from person to person. In children, the normal pulse rate is 70-100 beats per minute.

How to check your oxygen level if you are on medication?

Over-the-counter medication such as painkillers or stimulants to treat mental disorders can have severe side-effects such as breathing problems. Therefore, people who are taking benzo or any other potent tranquilizer must check their oxygen level twice before and after taking the medication.

Devices available to check oxygen and pulse rate (oximeter and add a few more if available)

Due to the pandemic, there has been an increased demand for devices that calculate pulse rate. Oximeters are one such device which can be used to check oxygen and pulse rate at home with a single button click in seconds. They are easy to use and convenient to carry around. Some of the best oximeters available are Hesley Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Dr. Trust Signature Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter With Audio Visual Alarm, BPL Medical Technologies BPL Smart Oxy Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, etc.

Oxygen check if you don’t have any device at home

If one does not have an oximeter at home, they can still check if their oxygen level is going down. The standard symptoms of a low oxygen level are fast pulse rate and rapid breathing. One can check their pulse rate by placing the tips of their index second and third fingers on the palm of their other wrist under the thumb area and feeling the blood pulsing under their fingers. Counting them using a second watch for 10 seconds then multiplying the result by 6 will give the pulse rate per minute.


Checking oxygen and pulse rate regularly is important during these times. There are many devices out there to check one’s pulse rate and oxygen level in their blood, with oximeters being the best way to do so at home easily with just one button click and get results within seconds. If one does not have these devices at home, they can still check it by the symptoms or by counting their pulse in 10 seconds and multiplying it by 6 to get their pulse rate per minute. Thus, these times are very crucial for everybody. Take care of yourself and your family by learning the things that can help you and them. Stay home, stay safe. And if you are taking adderall online then make sure you ask the doctor.

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